Hybrid Cath Lab at ORMC

We installed a hybrid cath lab recording system as well as video conferencing and intercom systems.

TEAV designed a cutting-edge, advanced audio and HD video recording system to meet the unique needs of the Hybrid Cath Lab at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

The main goal: To provide an integrated state-of-the-art audio and HD video system for distance learning, support applications and to allow contact with remote hospitals and doctors. 

What we did: The ORMC Hybrid Cath Lab relies on advanced technologies to perform a multitude of medical procedures. It was imperative that the client is provided with a high-quality A/V production system that was reliable, functional and used the latest technologies.

We met the challenges of the installation requirements by incorporating the best available real-time adaptive noise processors to filter noise and not interfere with the communications between doctors and team member. This also allowed for better quality audio on broadcasts and improved any recordings.