See Art Orlando - Downtown Orlando

We created a synchronized city-wide lighting control system for the See Art Orlando initiative.

Teer Audio Visual was honored to receive a request from the City of Orlando to create a city-wide lighting control system for its See Art Orlando initiative, a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing the City Beautiful with exceptional public sculpture.

Main Goal: To synchronize the different sculptures in town so they could color coordinate with current events ie: holidays, magic games, soccer club, and other awareness events.

What We Did: We were asked to create a lighting control system capable of being remotely operated to schedule lighting shows for a variety of events. TEAV installed lighting fixture control processors at each of eight sculpture locations spread across the city. A custom lighting show was created from scratch for each sculpture. Every sculpture was given a standard color pallet to display and in addition, we developed the ability to implement custom shows specific to each sculpture. A server was installed at Lake Eola which acts as the main scheduler and master controller of all sculptures. The server was accessible by both web page and mobile app so the city personnel could recall any show, or group of shows, for all sculptures remotely.

The biggest challenge with the See Art Orlando project was getting all of the sculptures on to the same communication network allowing synchronization. Because network connections did not exist at the majority of the sites, a combination of wireless network bridges, tunnels through Brighthouse, jumps across the city LAN, and fiber infrastructure from city traffic devices all played a part in creating this network.

You can see the artworks at the following locations:
Astrogenesis – Pine & Orange
Global Convergence – Magnolia & Central
Take Flight – Lake Eola North Shore
Union – Lake Eola NE Corner
Right Foot Major – Lake Eola SE Corner
Cedar of Lebanon – Lake Eola Dr and Central
Citrus Bowl “Orlando” sign