Streamsong Resort's AcquaPietra Spa

At this spa located in Bowling Green, Fl. we installed an audio and video conferencing system.

It was a pleasure to visit the AcquaPietra Spa at Streamsong in Bowling Green, Fl. where we installed a high-end conference room application.

Main goal: This project was developed to provide our clients with a user-friendly conferencing suite that members and new guests could use to communicate and stay in touch with their corporate offices.

What We Did: This complex installation incorporated all the essentials required to create a state-of-the-art VTC conferencing suite. Through the use of an automated touch panel users can navigate all of the elements included the system's design. The recessed digital electric projection screen provides superior resolution and coupled with the ceiling speakers meet all their presentation needs. Audio is run through a digital processor that reduces feedback and allows for crisp clean calls. 

It was of utmost importance to the client that the system is user-friendly. Guests would be unfamiliar with the equipment and when they needed to utilize the equipment to conduct a meeting it should be effortless while still providing superior sound and visual quality.