By: Brenna Covel

Cisco Meraki - Cloud Management Solution

Cisco Meraki - Cloud Management Solution

Need a streamlined networking solution for your business? Cisco Meraki is your answer! 


Cisco Meraki offers a comprehensive line of equipment that delivers a simple and secure networking solution. The streamlined cloud-based solution integrates wireless networking, switching, security, WAN optimization, and mobile device management (MDM). This solution provides many benefits to provide advantages for any business.


Cisco Meraki is always available. 

As a cloud-based management platform employees can access the company network even when they are not in the office. This is great for businesses who may have employees working from home. If the pandemic taught businesses anything, it is to be adaptive and provide solutions to employees during an unconventional time. Cisco Meraki provides access for employees working from home allowing them to work more effectively. 


Cisco Meraki offers great security. 

With any cloud network, security should always be a priority. All traffic through Cisco Meraki is sent through an encrypted layer for extra security.  Firmware and security signature updates are

delivered seamlessly, over the web. Meraki also allows administrators to implement a number of security tools to help keep networks secure. These include two-factor authentication, password policies, idle timeout, etc. This all means that businesses have to spend less time and money worrying about their network security. 


Cisco Meraki is easy to deploy and setup. 

Meraki’s website states “our devices can be pulled out of the box, plugged in anywhere in the world and be ready to go in minutes.” Rapid deployment means your business can start using the secure cloud-based management platform as soon as possible! 


Teer Audio Visual has deployed Cisco Meraki across a number of businesses and projects. Our most recent install what Lake Nona’s HCA Medical Office Building where we not only set-up their cloud management system but also installed View, Inc. dynamic glass throughout the whole building. Consider Cisco Meraki for your business’ network solution and contact Teer Audio Visual today!