By: Brenna Covel

Laureate Park Aquatic Center

Laureate Park Aquatic Center

Water you doing to stay cool this summer? 


Well if you are a member of the Lake Nona community you are probably going to the community’s newly renovated pool. The Laureate Park Aquatic Center is now open and allowing residents to enjoy the water and sun, socially distanced of course. The residents must reserve their spots in advance using the Lake Nona App. This allows the aquatic center to control the number of residents allowed during the three three-hour time slots each day and allows for staff to properly clean between each reservation time. 


Teer Audio Visual was happy to help with the Aquatic Center renovation for residents to enjoy. Our team upgraded the pool’s sound system and added more speakers surrounding the newly added pool. Music can be enjoyed from all areas of the aquatic center including the lounge areas, pools, and beach volleyball area. In addition, our team also cleaned up the rack and added new equipment to the aquatic center’s av room. 


We are proud of work at the Laureate Park Aquatic Center and enjoy our partnership with the Lake Nona community. Teer Audio Visual has many exciting projects lined up in the upcoming future with Lake Nona and our team can’t wait! As always, contact Teer Audio Visual for your outdoor parks and recreation av installations or upgrades.