By: Brenna Covel

View: Smart Windows, Dynamic Glass

Lake Nona is one of the fastest-growing communities in Florida and is known for its innovation and technology. So it only makes sense that they would use the smartest technology when expanding their community. Lake Nona has partnered with View, Inc. to install their Smart Window technology in a new medical office building, hotel, restaurant, and fitness center. Teer Audio Visual was chosen to assist with installing the technology for these projects and we couldn’t be more excited to work with Tavistock Group, View. Inc, Lake Nona, and the countless others who are making these projects possible! 


To understand our role in these projects it is important to understand how the View Glass technology works. It all starts with the Sky Sensor. This sensor is located on the roof of each building to accurately read a number of measurements including weather, sun angle, and more. The sensor is also predictive, meaning it can anticipate weather changes and other variables in order to create the best and most accurate data. This data then gets sent to the CP which then gets disseminated to each window to determine what tint level is best based on conditions. The system is a labyrinth of specifically designed cables and controllers that work with one another to power and operate the smart windows. This is where the Teer Audio Visual team comes in. 


Our team is installing all the connectors and wires that control the window technology. This includes installing cable trays to hold all the trunk, drop, and IGU cables that attach to the window controllers. The controllers are responsible for each glass unit changing tint levels, which is the main function of these windows. There are four tint levels, each level reduces glare and heat while allowing natural daylight in the space. The first level of tint would be used during a cloudy overcast day whereas the fourth tint level would be used on the brightest hottest summer day. Each tint level could be utilized throughout the day, it just all depends on the information received from the sensor. 


Benefits of the Smart Window Technology are one of the main reasons Lake Nona has decided to deploy it across their community. View Glass increases worker productivity, concentration levels, and improvement in short-term memory. This technology also helps decrease overall building energy consumption and costs while blocking out solar radiation. But the best part, no blinds! With View Glass and their tinting technology, blinds are unnecessary. Building occupants get to enjoy the “View” with no obstruction from traditional blinds. 


Teer Audio Visual is currently working on the Health Care Associate Medical Office Building and starting work on the Wave Hotel soon. Our team is excited to work with everyone and help expand the Lake Nona community. As always, we will be posting project details and progress so make sure to follow our social outlets. 

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