By: Brenna Covel

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Brightsign Digital Signage Players

If you and your business are in the market for digital signage look no further! Teer Audio Visual will help you design and install a custom digital signage application. We have recently made the switch to Brightsign as our number one choice for digital signage players. The next paragraph details some of our favorite benefits about Brightsign players. 


Brightsign digital signage media players are easy to deploy and easy to operate with a number of built-in capabilities. All Brightsign players come with Control Cloud, a free content management system (CMS) that allows for easy setup and content creation. If you and your business are looking for a more complete management system, Brightsign offers Content Cloud. Content Cloud is an annual subscription that allows for more of a complete and robust management system. Offering both a free and paid subscription allows users to choose the CMS that best suits their application. Brightsign offers an extensive training portfolio so users can truly understand their digital signage player and CMS. 


Unsure if you and your business even need digital signage? Here are our top 5 reasons why digital signage is better than traditional/static signage! 


1) Custom Content
You can create dynamic and custom content relevant to your business. Content can be hyperspecific to specific days and even certain times. Creating custom content allows you to get creative with your digital signage displays. 


2) Display Relevant Content Instantly

You can change your display’s content instantly. This allows your business to adapt to real-life changes that can then be displayed automatically. Some players and CMSs even allow you to display real-time feeds, i.e. news tickers or your business’ Twitter feed allowing your customers or clients to stay up to date. 


3) Managing Content is Quick and Easy

With a variety of content management systems managing your content is quick and easy. Creating content schedules allows you “set it and forget it” when it comes to displaying content, but you can also interrupt those schedules at any time to display different content instantly.  


4) Grabs Attention Quickly

With dynamic custom content that can even display real-time information, you can grab customer’s attention quickly. You can even attract potential customers with digital signage that entices them to enter your business. Research shows that digital signage significantly gets more views and attention than traditional and static displays. 


5) Stand Out Amongst Your Competitors 

With the latest technology, your business will stand out amongst your competitors. Digital signage is memorable and can improve your business’ performance. Also, it just looks really cool! 


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