By: Pryia Lalchan

Health Central Cancer Center

A new Health Central Cancer Center is opening soon on West Colonial. The official opening date is scheduled to be on the 27th. The new cancer center location is poised to bring cutting-edge cancer treatment to people in the era and to bring another branch of medical expertise to the west Colonial area.

The hospital is set to be a central triage center for the Orlando and central Florida area. If there is indeed a mass casualty, this triage center will play a key role in determining what patients will go to which hospital based on the type and severity of the injury. If there is a mass casualty event all the hospitals can triage and divert people away from certain hospitals, in order to avoid problems like overcrowding or lack of certain equipment.

We worked primarily on the Incident Command Room at the new Health Central Cancer Center. We installed video teleconferencing and presentation systems throughout the room. In addition, we put up TV’s on the wall and an additional interfacing system so they can share the information on their laptops quickly and easily with other hospitals. We integrated Polycom video teleconferencing in the room which is integral in terms of the triage center, to communicate quickly and effectively with the other hospitals. Lastly, we hooked up Crestron touch panels and video switching as well as Crestron air media presentation gateways. All this is done to ensure patients get the best a quickest care possible in the central Florida area.