By: Pryia Lalchan

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation
Our nation's parks and recreation are some of the biggest pride and joy we have in this country. Here in Orlando, we have over eighty parks for you and your loved ones to soak up the glorious rays of the sunshine state. We love working with the parks, and doing what we can to enhance the park going experience. For this blog, we are going to go into detail on how we enhanced the audiovisual system of not one, but two parks in the greater Orlando community.

We've had the pleasure to work with the City of Orlando in the setup and lighting for the See Art Orlando initiative. The See Art Orlando Initiative is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing the City Beautiful with exceptional public sculpture. Our part was to create a city-wide lighting control for the system. The lighting control system had to be capable of being remotely operated to schedule lighting shows for a variety of events. Teer installed lighting fixture control processors at each of eight sculpture locations spread across the city. A custom lighting show was created from scratch for each sculpture. Every sculpture was given a standard color pallet to display and in addition, we developed the ability to implement custom shows specific to each sculpture. This project was a citywide initiative, and you can see our work across Orlando's downtown, on major street intersections like Pine & Orange, Magnolia & Central, as well as all over Lake Eola.

We also had the honor to work on Cranes Roost Park in Altamonte Springs. There, we designed a park-wide audiovisual distribution system. Through the new audio system we installed, music can be played t more than thirty areas with the BSS Audio Soundweb London, which is the central processor for the system. With the new system, audio signals can be rerouted to accommodate special events, concerts, and civic celebrations. Is anyone thinking of Red, hot, and BOOM? We sure did. There are 190 speakers in the parks and its venues, and the system is extremely flexible and easy to configure. We love helping the greater Orlando area in bettering our parks so that more people can take advantage of what this great city had to offer.

Here at Teer, we are committed to doing our best and helping you get the best audio and visual equipment for whatever environment you may be in. We look forward to helping to make your park-going experience a great one, and be on the lookout for more blogs!