By: Brenna Covel

City of Groveland Public Safety Complex

City of Groveland Public Safety Complex
The City of Groveland upgraded the headquarters of the city’s police and fire department to the new Public Safety Complex. This new complex will allow the two departments to work closely together in a state-of-the-art facility. Those working in the Public Safety Complex say it will help their departments serve the Groveland community more efficiently and effectively. 

Our main goal was to provide the Emergency Operations Center with audiovisual equipment that would ease the management of any emergency situation. Our team worked closely with Groveland officials through the design, installation, and training stages, giving them the confidence to use the EOC in any situation. 

The Emergency Operations Center has five wall-mounted televisions, wireless mics and gooseneck microphones, a ceiling-mounted doc camera, and Crestron and QSYS systems. Each television can display presentations from city officials, video, cable tv, or a combination of features. The wireless microphones allow multiple people to present and speak in a public forum setting. The doc camera is great for displaying material and can be displayed on any one of the televisions. The custom Crestron and QSYS systems allow officials to control all equipment in a central location. Another important feature of the EOC is that content from the televisions or audio can be shared with the breakout conference rooms throughout the Public Safety Complex. Allowing more officials to receive important information quickly. Once the installation was complete our team hosted a training day for the chief of the police and fire departments and members of the IT department. This allowed those using the equipment and rooms to familiarize themselves with all the technology while having our team present to answer any questions. 

Teer Audio Visual is honored to have been trusted in providing the City of Groveland Public Safety Complex the technology needed to serve their community. Contact us today to learn how we can provide the same level of knowledge and expertise to your project!