By: Brenna Covel

City of Longwood

The Commission Chambers for the City of Longwood was in need of an update to better service their elected officials. The main goal of this project was to equip the Commission Chambers with technology that would enhance their bimonthly Commission meetings. The City of Longwood streams their Commission meetings live to their Facebook page to reach a larger number of their residents. It was important to provide the city with audio visual equipment that would enhance their meetings and work with their current streaming services.

Our team met with the elected officials of Longwood and other staff to tour the Commission Chambers to see the equipment they had and to hear firsthand what was needed for the project. After learning more about what they would like to see our team got to work. The final outcome was a Commission Chamber that was fully customized to meet the city’s needs. 


Teer Audio Visual provided two Eiki projectors and Legrand AV screens for presentations that could be seen throughout the Commission Chamber. Crestron AirMedia was installed to provide wireless presentation options. We also provided new Shure microphones that the elected officials use for every meeting and that could be heard through the new speakers we installed. Our team cleaned up their AV rack which allows their city staff to easily use the equipment installed in the Chamber. We provided a brand new camera that could zoom in and out of speakers with the use of a touch panel. The Commission Chambers for the City of Longwood was fully equipped and ready to serve its community. 


We pride ourselves in taking care of the community we are apart of. The City of Longwood project allowed us to provide “Top Teer” audio visual equipment to those in our community. Contact us today to learn how we can upgrade your government building!