By: Pryia Lalchan

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital signage is technology already being seen used by businesses around town. It’s a growing industry and set to double by 2020. Essentially, digital signage is any screen that can display any type of content. It uses technology like LCD, LED, and projection to stream information using digital images and video. Slowly, we can see digital signage on the come up, as we are seeing them in places like parks, universities, restaurants, hotels, billboards and corporate buildings. Digital signage is the future of promotion, as it is a different type of technology that can be used for a lot of different ways. Currently, forty percent of retailers use digital signage, and the number is only increasing.

The digital content can be managed via the display control software. Through the content management system, you can upload content, organize it, create the rules for the play through time, and decide whether to distribute it to the media player, or to multiple. The premise of the digital sign is not difficult. Its purpose is to be user-friendly, so in turn, the user can update information and content to benefit the consumer. This type of marketing and communication is great in terms of location-based marketing. At a park you frequent, for example, a digital sign can keep you up to date on the events happening around. Perhaps at a farm to table restaurant, the digital sign can serve as an ever-changing menu. If you own a restaurant with an ever-changing menu, you can always update your digital sign to display your current offerings or specials. With the digital sign, you don’t need to reprint menus, you can just use the digital sign to update your product offerings. It can be incredibly useful and can save you time, money, and probably a lot of headaches. This can also be used for your outdoor space, to showcase upcoming events that you may have going on. With the versatility of the digital sign, you can get more creative with your advertising, and also have multiple advertisements running at once. This can ensure that people are always interested in your products and that they aren’t just seeing the same information all the time.

Digital signage is a great technology that is a growing market. It looks cleaner and neater than a plain sign and is a push into the future of the digital industry. It’s worth looking into, especially if your products and services can change over time.