By: Pryia Lalchan

Eastmonte Park

Eastmonte Park

Eastmonte Park is Altamonte Springs Premiere Park for baseball. It is home to the Altamonte Baseball Academy and features six baseball diamonds. At a glance, the park also contains batting cages, pitching lanes, a tennis court, basketball court, and playground area.

Our focus for Eastmonte Park was on the six baseball diamonds. Essentially what the city wanted from us was to have to commentate at the six individual fields. At two of the fields, there were press boxes and the commentator sat in the press box to commentate and control the music. At four of the fields, they would plug in a microphone and commentate. Management of the park wanted emergency paging individually or collectively for the six fields. This system was especially important because of potential delays, weather or otherwise. With this system, the ability was given to page either individual fields or all six.

With our installation, we aid special attention to the apartment complexes around so the noise level would not affect them. We used a variety of products for this job. We used Community R series all-weather speakers for the fields. These speakers provide full bandwidth, versatile high output music, voice and paging solutions for outdoor and indoor venues of any size or configuration. The QSC Q-SYS audio DSP system was used for the audio control system. Additionally, we used QSC Amplifiers. We used the Shure wireless systems for the wireless communication system.