By: Pryia Lalchan

Fire Station in Pompano Beach

 Fire Station in Pompano Beach

Firefighters do some of the hardest work around. Their mission is to make sure we all stay safe from disasters. The mission of the Operations' division is to help in the prevention of injuries and property damage from fire, accidents, hazardous materials spills/releases, and large-scale calamities. The division at Pompano Beach Fire Station #11 is responsible for evaluating equipment and methods to improve service delivery through interaction with fire equipment manufacturers and other fire departments around the nation.

We headed down to Pompano to install an Emergency Dispatch Annunciation System to meet the needs of the fire professionals at that space. It’s absolutely important for the firefighters to have an up to date internal communication system, to ensure they all stay up to date on information as events occur. We installed the speaker and amplifier systems, and made sure that the firefighters had clear training on how to use their new system to maximize efficiency. We installed Atlas Sound and Crown equipment, which worked well with the size of the space we were working with - about 5000 square feet.

We’re proud to be able to help and support the brave firefighters of our community. Interjob communication is critical, and we’re glad we were able to help improve the communications system at fire rescue station number 11.