Lake Highland Prep

Lake Highland is an old church converted into a preparatory school. You’ve probably driven by it on the on Mills! The middle school is a few blocks away from the main Lake Highland Campus, and offer middle schoolers a unique experience in terms of learning and development. We recently had the pleasure to work on this unique location.

The back half the school is classrooms, and what was once the main sanctum is now used as the auditorium. The two classrooms in the back are joined by a dividing wall. One of the classrooms is used to teach robotics, and that’s what we worked on developing. One side of the classroom is all computers, for students to get hands-on experience with the software. The other side of the classroom contains the hardware, so students have the opportunity to tinker with actual robotic equipment. 

Teer installed a few different products in the classroom. First, we installed Sharp flat panel displays and Clear Touch interactive whiteboards which will greatly enhance the visual aspect of the learning experience. We also installed Solstice Wireless presentation gateways to improve productivity and content sharing within the classroom. Finally, we used Crestron touch panels and video switching to round out the project. We’re glad to have helped make the classroom more technologically functional, and look forward to what the students do in their improved robotics lab!