By: Brenna Covel

LG SuperSign CMS

LG SuperSign CMS

Digital signage is not new in the AV world, it can be found in a number of markets: retail, supermarkets, corporate offices, medical facilities, and more. Traditionally, digital signage will showcase offers or promotions, display advertisements, menus, or brand content. It is common for consumers to glance at these displays without fully taking in the message. LG SuperSign is here to change that and to invite users to think outside the display to create engaging content. 


At Teer Audio Visual we find that LG digital signage is the most comprehensive and user-friendly option out there in the AV market. LG offers content management software, SuperSign CMS, that will “revolutionize the way you do business”! Key features of the software are advanced functionality with webOS, ease of creation and distribution, and management of multiple displays. The scheduling feature allows users to set a pre-determined schedule for each display to reflect their content strategy. With LG digital displays and SuperSign CMS end-users can create endless messages, promos, ads, and live content. 


Currently, digital signage can be used as public health and safety reminders, display new store hours, and report news updates in real-time on top of the traditional promos and advertisements. With social distancing measures likely not to go away anytime soon, digital signage can be used to reflect store capacity, availability on essential products, and corporate policies. With LG SuperSign CMS, creating and disseminating this time-sensitive information would be much simpler. Users can update the display information frequently to keep up with the ever-changing environment and direct specific information to different displays to provide consumer tailored content. 


LG digital signage and SuperSign CMS are a must for any retailer, supermarket, corporate office, or medical facility to drive relevant, accurate, and up-to-date messages in real-time. The value of digital signage is infinite, start connecting with your consumers today!

Photos are owned by LG Electronics USA and can be found in the "LG Action Case Study: Fareway Stores".