Watchful Eyes: Police Station Boosts Monitoring with New System!

Watchful Eyes: Police Station Boosts Monitoring with New System!

Teer AV specializes in providing audiovisual solutions to improve operational efficiency across various industries. Our recent project with the Ocala Police Department's 9-1-1 Dispatch Center showcases our dedication to excellence in AV integration.


The Ocala Police Department's 9-1-1 Dispatch Center, operating 24/7 with over 300,000 annual calls, needed a Video system capable of managing multiple dynamic information sources in real-time across 10+ operator stations.


Teer Audio Visual implemented a setup that ensured seamless distribution and management of video sources, which is crucial for efficient emergency response operations with the following equipment:

- Samsung 4K LED Displays: Deliver high-resolution clarity and durability for continuous operation.

- Aurora 4K Streaming Transceivers: Facilitate seamless transmission of video signals.

- Q-SYS CORE NANO: Manage video control processing for efficient distribution.

- Q-SYS TSC-101-G3: Master Control Panel for simplified operation and monitoring.

- Netgear AV Line Network Switches: Reliable network connectivity supporting real-time video switching.


A sophisticated video matrix switching solution enabled displays to mirror each other or operate independently based on call volume. This ensured that operators had immediate access to critical information during emergencies. Our video solution replaced an outdated system and empowered dispatch operators to focus on their critical tasks. Ultimately enhancing emergency response efficiency. 


Teer is your trusted partner for custom audio-visual engineering in any operation. Whether it's av installations for emergency response centers, corporate boardrooms, educational institutions, or houses of worship, we provide solutions that optimize functionality and the user experience. For more information on our comprehensive audiovisual integration services, contact Teer AV today. Discover how we can transform your audiovisual systems to meet the demands of your operations, ensuring seamless functionality and enhanced productivity.