By: Pryia Lalchan

Orlando Health

Orlando Health

Orlando Health is one of Florida’s most comprehensive healthcare networks in the region. Most notably under the Orlando health umbrella, are facilities including the Orlando Regional Medical Center; Dr. P. Phillips Hospital; South Seminole Hospital; Health Central Hospital; the Arnold Palmer Medical Center, which consists of Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies and even more.

Teer has had the pleasure to work with the Orlando Health family for many years now. We’ve done over twenty-five installations across the Orlando health complex, and value our work with such a prominent healthcare organization. Some of our recent projects include a learning classroom at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, where we installed a Polycom system for intercommunication and advanced learning techniques, medical professionals have the opportunity to communicate with other professionals from around the world with a simple system that can allow for views of the classroom as well as the people they are calling via the Polycom system.

Another major project we’ve done was the advanced audio and HD video recording system to meet the unique needs of the Hybrid Cath Lab at Orlando Regional Medical Center. There, we provided a high-quality A/V production system to meet the particular needs of our client, as well as the best available real-time adaptive noise processors to filter noise and not interfere with the communications between doctors and team member.

We’re happy to help the Orlando Health family to continue to provide the best care in Florida, with the newest technology available to them. We continue to have a strong relationship with them, and we look forward to working with Orlando Health even more in the future.