By: Pryia Lalchan

Orlando Utilities Commission

Orlando Utilities Commission

The Orlando Utilities Commission serves Orlando as the premier provider for electricity and water in the community. The OUC serves a bulk of the greater Orlando community, and they serve a population of more than 400,000 people. OUC is known as the Reliable One and continues to be a backbone of the Orlando Community. In 2008, the OUC moved into Reliable Plaza, which is a Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Building. It’s known as the greenest building in downtown Orlando and uses 26% less energy and 43% less water than a similar building.

Teer has worked with the OUC for many years now, and we are proud to say that they are one of our longest lasting customers. We’ve done a lot in the new building which includes: training rooms, conference rooms, and the Commission Chambers.

We have three training rooms that are basically identical to each, as well as a Commission Chamber room. All of the training rooms are equipped with a projector. The podiums in the room have all the room equipment around it and have a computer and a DVD player on it. An AMX control system touchpad controls the different aspects of the room, which include the flat panel display, the cameras, and the audio recording. So basically from the touch panel, you can route their PC, DVD player or laptop.  You also have controls for the DVD player, controls for the projector, screen, volume, and microphone. The three training rooms can also be used as overflow rooms for the Commission Chambers meetings. The rooms all connect together. There are also a number of small conference rooms, which are equipped with large televisions, and computer systems. 

For the commission chambers, the system we put in there is much more complex. There is the main oval meeting table, a desk, a podium and many seats for the audience. Generally, the press comes here, and the board of governors meetings is held here. There is a desk with the touch panel and a PC with dual monitors for controlling the system, a projector with a motorized automatic screen and a Vaddio camera for video recording. There is a podium with a desktop computer and a microphone. We also installed a TV hanging on top of the podium for that person and audience to see, and another TV facing the audience only. We have equipment for several sets of wireless microphone combos. Lastly, we installed an audio and video recorder to record the meetings, a DVD player, and a cable TV box.

The relationship we have with the OUC is a great one, and to this day we still have maintenance contracts with them. We gave them the full digital upgrade talked about above in 2017. In fact, we used to run the AV equipment for around seven years for the Commission chambers meetings! (We don’t do it anymore though.) We go out any time they need anything and we’re happy to continue our relationship with the Reliable One in the future.