By: Pryia Lalchan

Hybrid Cath Lab at ORMC

Hybrid Cath Lab at ORMC

The Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC) is one of the largest tertiary facilities in the region. ORMC offers the most advanced care available for all your surgical, medical, rehabilitative and emergency care needs. As a place that whose work is literally that of life and death, we are proud to have installed a hybrid Cath lab recording system at ORMC. In addition, we installed video conferencing systems and intercom systems.

Our team designed a cutting-edge, advanced audio and HD video recording system to meet the unique needs of the Hybrid Cath Lab at Orlando Regional Medical Center. The main goal of the new installation was to provide an integrated state-of-the-art audio and HD system for distance learning support applications, as well as the ability to contact remote hospitals and doctors working remotely. The new ORMC hybrid Cath Lab relied on advanced technology to perform a multitude of medical procedures. We provided a high-quality A/V production system to meet the particular needs of our client.  We incorporated the best available real-time adaptive noise processors to filter noise and not interfere with the communications between doctors and team member. In a setting like this, it’s important to have the communication system be as clear as possible. This also allowed for better quality audio on broadcasts and improved any recordings. In the end, it was reliable, functional, and up to date on the newest technology. The lab was built for learning, so keeping the technology volatile and advanced was imperative for ORMC.

Here at Teer, we are committed to doing our best and helping you get the best audio and visual equipment for whatever environment you may be in. We have strong relationships with the Orlando community, and we know that ORMC does the best work in the region. We're happy to be a working partner, and we look forward to more technological advancements in the future.