By: Pryia Lalchan

Perry Harvey Sr. Park

Perry Harvey Sr. Park

We worked on Perry Harvey Sr. Park in the first quarter of 2016, and the park was unveiled in April. Perry Harvey Sr. Park is located at 900 E. Scott Street, in a neighborhood known as the Scrub. The Scrub is one of Tampa’s oldest African- American neighborhoods, and the Artwork surrounding Perry Harvey reflects the unique and cultural context of the neighborhood.

Perry Harvey Sr. Park, is not only a park but a monumental reminder for civil rights. The park has Leader’s Row, which is an area in the park which has large depictions of former leaders in the African-American community. Perry Harvey Sr. Park not only serves to provide the community with a park for leisure but also to educate the greater Tampa community.

We were proud to be able to work on such a monumental park for the city of Tampa. Generally, for this project, we used community products. We are proud to have used Community loudspeakers because Community has the best outdoor and weatherproof speakers on the market. This was an audio reinforcement system for Perry Harvey Sr. Park. We installed speakers at each sound pole location. Freeport Fountains installed an interactive water fountain that Teer incorporated their sound system into so when the music was played that fountain danced. We installed a custom processor that the audio system could be played on a schedule and or a microphone system for any events. The main goal was to synchronize the audio reinforcement with the interactive fountain that could accommodate any events such as holidays, dedications, city events, and other awareness events.

We had a great time working with the city of Tampa and using the Community line of products for such an important historical park. Teer looks forward to working with more community equipment in the future.