By: Brenna Covel

Sound Masking: Collegis Education Orlando Office

Our team just finished another project! This time we were installing a sound masking system in the offices for Collegis Education. Although it was a quick and easy installation, sound masking systems have a lot of pay off for open office spaces! But what is sound masking and what does it do? 


Sound masking adds generated sound into an environment to “mask” or hide unwanted sound. Sound masking does not cancel noise but rather it reduces the perception of sound, making the room or space seem quieter. It is ideal for open office spaces because sound masking reduces noise distractions, improves workplace acoustics, and protects speech privacy which improves employee concentration and productivity. 


Without getting too technical sound masking is engineered specifically to match the frequencies of that of human speech. The sound that then is produced is more pleasant and comfortable to those in the room. The sound produced from these systems should just fade into the background without being detected while masking conversations to make them more difficult to hear and understand. Most people get sound masking and white noise confused when they are in fact both very different. White noise isn’t specially engineered to match human speech frequencies. Instead, the frequency of white noise would have to increase to try and cover up the sound but when white noise frequency increases so does the detection of that sound. White noise is audible to those in the space and is distracting because the sound does not blend into the background. 


Help your employees increase their concentration and productivity and install a sound masking system today. Our team will determine the number of speakers to best suit your office space to provide the best sound masking experience. Contact us today for a free quote!