By: Brenna Covel

Update, Upgrade, Understand: Tips on Transitioning Your Team to Working Remotely

With the current state of the world and with many companies transitioning their employees to working from home it is important that your company is prepared. These tips and suggestions will help your employees embrace their new home offices and allow your company to work just as efficiently, if not more than ever before. 



Ensure your employees install the online collaboration software used by the company on their personal devices. Make sure the software is updated to the latest version. Update any other software that may be required and be prepared to meet remotely.



If possible, provide your employees with equipment to help ease the transition. Upgrading their home equipment will ready them to work remotely with fewer issues. Webcams enable meetings to feel in-person and bring the collaborative spaces right to their home. Wireless noise-canceling headphones will allow employees to focus with no outside distractions. If your company relies heavily on team meetings look into providing employees with a mesh Wi-Fi system to ensure network capability. These are just a few ways you can provide a reliable structured environment for your employees’ home offices. 



Understand that your employees may be dealing with a lot of other factors that could impact their work from home. Their routines have been greatly impacted and they are trying to establish normalcy back into their lives. Their significant others may be sharing the same space while trying to work from home too. Kids may be present and show-up unexpectedly during video calls. Network issues will arise. These are all factors outside of your employees’ control but understand that they are doing their best to still show up and work each day. 


Teer Audio Visual is here to help you and your company during this uncertain time. Our manufacturers have assured us that they are still in production and have plenty of stock available. We will help you understand what products and services are needed to transition your team to working remotely. Supporting our community is what we do best and is important to do now more than ever.