By: Pryia Lalchan

Verizon AV Conference Rooms

Verizon AV Conference Rooms

Verizon is one of the largest telecommunications in the world. Everything nowadays operates wirelessly, and Verizon’s Wireline segment offers broadband video and data; corporate networking solutions; data center and cloud services; security and managed network services; and local and long distance voice services. Verizon does a lot for the world, and we wanted to make sure we brought our A game to them. At the Verizon Financial headquarters in Orlando, Florida, we installed a premier audio and presentation systems. The project involved installing and integrating audio and visual systems throughout the vast facility while ensuring ease of use for the office personnel.

A quick overview of the whole project: Using the top of the line brands we installed video and audio equipment in training rooms, divisible training rooms, 21 small conference rooms and 4 large conference rooms. We also designed a video conferencing suite and several cafes and fitness area. The systems were designed to easily meet the needs of users while providing clear, crisp sound and exceptional video quality.

At Verizon, we integrated a lot of what we do, namely corporate Audio Visual and Auditorium AV. Conference room technology continues to become more and more innovative every year. Our video teleconferencing systems and custom audio visual solutions can address your company’s specific needs. No matter the size or scale of your conference room, we can provide a full range of equipment for you to use: everything from projectors, state of the art speaker systems, specialized lighting, and more. We will work to design your conference space and ensure that the equipment is customized to suit your business.  All of our equipment is state of the art and once we install it, it’s yours. Your conference room conducts all your major business- and the feel of it should mirror the caliber of business you do. As far as auditoriums go, TEAV has had years of Auditorium lighting and audio components. We can work with whatever room size you have to improve the technical aspects of your auditorium space. Our integrated audio, video, control, and lighting systems produce clear sound and brilliant visuals, so even the people furthest in the back can hear and see the stunning visuals you worked hard on.

Here at Teer, we are committed to doing our best and helping you get the best audio and visual equipment for your conference room needs. We have strong relationships with our clients and will do our best to ensure that you have the proper training to fully use your new equipment. Check us out at our new website and be on the lookout for more blogs!