Your Wireless Sound System Will Soon Be a Thing of the Past

Mic Check, Mic Check! 

If you are a house of worship, music venue, convention center, or any other business that utilizes wireless microphones and sound systems, stop what you are doing and check what frequency your system operates in. If your system uses 600 MHz frequencies, then it will soon be illegal to use and may even stop working altogether. Keep reading to learn how this happened and how Teer Audio Visual can help your business or congregation. 


In 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) completed an incentive auction where companies acquired bands of spectrum. The spectrum used for TV broadcast was purchased by top cell phone carriers, like T-Mobile, in order to increase cellphone coverage and make room for 5G networks. But how does that affect your wireless sound systems? The 600 MHz frequencies are apart of the TV broadcast spectrum and the FCC has been phasing them out since the auction was completed in 2017. Wireless sound systems that operate in the 600 MHz frequency will be required to stop operating no later than July 13th, 2020. If you choose to keep your current system after the deadline then you run the risk of interference during use or even worse, fines and other penalties from the FCC. So, how can Teer Audio Visual help you avoid the consequences before the July 13th deadline?  


Teer Audio Visual will assess if your current wireless sound system operates in the 600 MHz frequency. If so, we can work with you in order to update your wireless sound system equipment. We will suggest certain systems to ensure you are getting the best product based on your everyday needs and uses. If the thought of a brand new system sounds too expensive, do not worry! Many companies that have sold the soon-to-be outdated equipment are offering rebates and trade-in programs to ease the transition into new and FCC compliant friendly equipment. Sennheiser, a trusted brand at Teer Audio Visual, is offering a trade-in program that is available up until the July 13th deadline when you purchase any of their wireless sound systems that comply with current and future FCC regulations. Sennheiser will even accept your previous 600 MHz system for the trade-in rebate, regardless of manufacturer make or model. 


When working with Teer Audio Visual, you will have a team of experienced audiovisual professionals behind you for every step of the process when updating your wireless sound system. Wake up confident and prepared July 14th, knowing your business or congregation is no longer reliant on 600 MHz! Contact Teer Audio Visual today to learn more and to update your equipment before it is too late.