By: Brenna Covel

Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church

Located in beautiful Clearwater, Florida, Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church is known to the community as the “big pink church” for its pink stucco Mediterranean Revival style. But it is more than just its nickname, it is a place of worship that has been serving the Clearwater community for over 125 years. 

As soon as one steps into Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church it is easy to see and feel its rich history. First, one cannot miss the organ that is the focal point of each service. The Casavant Pipe Organ has over 4,000 pipes, the smallest is the size of a pencil and the largest is 32 feet tall. The sound of such a grand instrument provides an elevated experience to each service and concert that everyone should experience firsthand. Second, the church has over seventy stained glass windows bringing beautiful color and light into the sanctuary. The stained glass windows located North and South of the church are signed originals from Louis Comfort Tiffany from Tiffany & Co. 

Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church is an extraordinary house of worship facility in which our team had the honor to help enhance their audio and video equipment. We provided an audio system that improves the aural experience of those attending each service. Additionally, we provided a DataVideo system to record and stream their services to those who are not able to attend in person. Our team of av experts trained church leaders and staff on their equipment so they were confident in their new av system. 

Teer Audio Visual specializes in House of Worship spaces and can help your sanctuary no matter the size of the project, contact us today! 



Yamaha TF3 Digital Audio Console

Shure KSM44A/SL Condenser Ambient Room Microphone

Shure QLXD Digital Wireless Microphone Systems

JBL Studio Reference Monitors


DataVideo HS-1600T (A complete professional broadcasting solution for switching, recording, streaming and monitoring).

DataVideo HD PTZ Cameras